One World Closeouts is a trading company which enjoys a broad variety of products, worldwide contacts, and financial expertise. We have a presence in Southeast Asia, Western Africa, and Europe, as well as in the Americas, which allows easy access in trading a wide selection of goods, further afield. OWC prides itself on matching buyers and sellers from across the globe, satisfying consumer markets in every time zone.
OWC specializes in buying and selling excess and obsolete inventories from major manufacturers and retailers throughout the world. We help clients move their overstock and distressed inventory quickly and easily, while fulfilling the needs of our vast network of buyers.

OUR history

One World Closeouts is a family business, the product of generations in trade, export, and finance. Director of the company, Reuven Shenny, believes strongly in connecting the traditions of the past with today’s modern trade techniques. In doing so, he has created a company which spans the globe, while always offering the personal service which is a hallmark of the Shenny business style. Whether it was selling second hand goods to Africa in the 50’s, importing textiles from China in the 80’s, or sourcing low cost timber from northern England in the early 2000’s, Shenny trade has always stood for integrity, value, and trust.


One World Closeouts’ vision is to simplify global trade, making the sale or procurement of closeout stock easily available in every market. We are dedicated to personalized service, which means taking the time to understand your business, offer appropriate merchandise and assist you with every aspect of your work with us. We cater to all kinds of businesses – large and small, very experienced or just starting out. An OWC consultant will walk you through every step of your transaction, whether it’s facilitating financing, arranging shipping, or understanding international trade.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to offering our clients the best value for money, for goods that exist, at prices that exist.

An old family joke sums it up best:

A man walks into a shop and asks to buy a pound of butter. The proprietor tells him that it will cost £5. Thinking this to be too expensive, he leaves in search of another shop. Further down the road he spots another shop selling butter.

Hopeful, he walks into the shop and asks “how much is a pound of butter?” The vendor responds “that’ll be £1.” The buyer says “I’ll take one please”. The vendor apologetically replies “I haven’t any in stock.”

Disappointed the buyer returns to the original shop and hands over the £5.

The nosy vendor asks him “how much was my competitor down the road selling butter for?” “£1,” the buyer responds. The vendor then asks him, “Why didn’t you buy it?!?” ”He didn’t have any in stock.” To which the vendor responds “When I haven’t got it in stock, it’s £0.50p!”


OWC strives to have the goods you are looking for at the price you are looking for.

Global buyers and sellers of closeout and liquidated stock

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